Disclaimer: Salary Saver

by Gethin A. Lynes

Despite some glaring contradictions to the following statement contained with this site, the author staunchly maintains it’s validity.


This site is in no way intended to defame, or otherwise damage, the author’s employers (past, present, or future), his colleagues, or in fact anyone on whom he might happen to turn his “furious eye”. Nor is it intended to set fire to any chance he has of ever getting another job, or having any sort of career whatsoever – though he holds no illusions about the burning of bridges and all that.

It is not indicative of his enormous respect for his fellow human beings and the plethora of ways in which they display their love for anyone a little bit different, for the species’ status as a virus, or for his fondness for the people he works with every day… all day… for long hours… much longer, in fact, than anyone could reasonably be expected to endure and yet remain sane and happy.

It is at best an indication of his current mood, but as his wife will attest, he’s such an erratic, unpredictable bastard, that said indication is but a fleeting one, and by the time you’ve read it, he’s probably smiling broadly and singing the praises of the very person he’s just finished ranting about… or clinging desperately to them for want of any other company… apart from the cats and the whiskey… and the guy who sells the Big Issue at the station, and always wears the funny hats and shit.

Nothing herein is set out to point the finger at individuals in any way other than that they are themselves representative of a larger issue – the intricacies and failings of which desperately need to be brought to the attention of the apathetic public. Of course, there are some people that are just arseholes, and the author maintains his right to bring this to the attention of the public also.

Having said that, the author recognises that in the context of this site, “the public”, constitutes approximately three and a half people, all of whom read this for the sole reason that they are known personally to the author and feel obliged to do so.

Finally, if anyone at any time feels maligned by the contents of this site, directly or otherwise, the author invites them wholeheartedly to enter into correspondence regarding the veracity of the author’s claims, and the possibility of removing the offending references. The author wishes anyone to know that they are welcome to engage in such correspondence prior to firing him, or taking other legal action… please.